"The future is already there, it's just unequally distributed"
A booklet about people who live today already in the future and places where future already takes place.

Whole issue made with illustrations for Zeit Magazin

Cover n.1

Cover n.2

The kids are the future. Students build their own space in Brightworks School, California

Slow Travelling with the gallery owner Hans Ulrich Obrist

The Future of Urban Traffic with the first University Professor for bicycle traffic, Jana Kühl  

Under One Roof. Author Benjamin Prüfer and his family living in a generation house

International Library of Fashion Research with Elise by Olsen

Regenerative Farming. Staring Benedikt Bösel’s new approach to farming and foresting

Venn. The new Kibbutz concept for urban living

The Products of the Future

Oura Ring
Oatly Barista Edition Indoor garden Click I GrowUrbandoo. Scarf with Mask Function
Elon Musk's Starlink satellite network
Meeting Owl. Smart video camera for group meetings
Philosophy of the future. Zhao Tingyang: "Everything under the sky" "Picture this" Plant Identification App

Grown. Eco-friendly and aturally grown products made out of mycelium and agricultural rest-streams
No product. The most important product of the future will be the one we do not buy